Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The new book "Rough Sketch of Designers" from MdN has been released !!


We'd like to introduce the new book called "Rough Sketch of Designers". Our works for Emille Galle's exhibiton are on the page. It shows you the rough idea/sketch which you usually don't have an opportunity to see. You'd find it interesting to know the process of designing, or how the designers reached the actual works. Each of creators takes its unique way.


Friday, 12 February 2016

MdN Designers File 2016


We have an announcement to make! Some of our works are posted on "MdN Desginer's File 2016". Huge thanks to everyone involved in. Moreover another book will be released on March, which introduces the process of our designs from rough ideas to finishes. Please have a look at the book.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Emile Gallé - Nature & Symbol Opening Reception at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum


We officially got involved in the art direction and graphic design of Emille Galle's exhibition which is held on 16th January until April at Tokyo Metoropolitan Teien Art Museum. We designed a wide range of prints, such as posters, handouts, invitations, and more. You will see his amazing glassworks with original drawings which are quite rare. They are just beautiful and you could feel like you enter the another world because of the quaint atmosphere at the museum and magnificent works of Galle. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

CRESTBRIDGE Spring 2016 Collection Preview on 19th Oct.

"CRESTBRIDGE Spring2016 Collection Preview" INVITATIONのデザインをしました。ブランドのヘリテージカラーである、ブラック、ベージュ、レッド、ホワイトを基調に、3つのカラーを合紙して重厚感を出しながらも、クリーンな印象に仕上げました。10月19日(月)に話題のスポットAndaz Tokyoにて開催された、新生”BLUE LABEL”と”BLACK LABEL”のコレクションはコンテンポラリーとストリートを絶妙にミックスした軽やかさがとても素敵でした!

We designed the invitation for "CRESTBRIDGE Spring2016 Collection Preview" which was held on 19th, Octobre at Andaz Tokyo. Black, Beige, Red and White are the heritage colour for this brand, and we put these key colours on the edge to make it look a modern but it still has a bit of heavy atmosphere there. The complete new "BLUE/BLACK LABEL" was stunning that you could see the new spirit of contemporary and street style.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Got on the page of "MdN Designers File" !!


 We've got on the page of "MdN Designers File 2015" which introduces creators and designers. There are some our works we did through the year. From the art direction, we deal with the wide range of creativity including shooting coordination, styling, logo type, illustration and more. We'll be moving on to get lots of opportunities to meet new people to work with, moreover, to meet the new creativity.